The Illuminating Discovery Hub, headquartered at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, reaches beyond the lab through partnerships with the outreach infrastructure of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation’s Town Center, the Morgridge Institute for Research, and other campus and national organizations to establish bridges among scientists, professional communicators, and members of the public. In collaboration with bioethicists, journalists, social scientists, media producers, and campus communicators, the Hub offers training programs in effective science communication, public discourse, and media representation. The Hub facilitates campus-wide, community, and national discussions about illuminating discovery, science and engineering research, the role of science and technology in society, and the image of scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.

The Illuminating Discovery Hub, like the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery’s other hubs, is new and still growing. We encourage you to join us in building a collaborative community.


Meet the Advisory Board:

Anna Courtier
Director of Community-Based Learning, WISCIENCE

Jo Handelsman
Director of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery & a Vilas Research Professor, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor

Laura Knoll
Professor, Medical Microbiology & Immunology

Trina McMahon
Professor, Bacteriology
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Sarah Miller
Executive Director, Tiny Earth

Andrew Richards
Director, Discovery to Product (D2P)

Travis Tangen
Education and Outreach Manager, WARF

Alyssa Tsagong
Director of Education, PBS Wisconsin