Art-Science Exhibits

Located at the Discovery Building (330 N. Orchard, Madison, WI 53715), the Illuminating Discovery Hub curates and displays artwork with connections to scientific disciplines. On the west end of the Discovery Building, the Hub Central lobby hosts these artworks on hanging displays as well as 3D when appropriate. Be sure to check out the schedule from time to time as exhibit periods vary in period.

Past Exhibits:

“Equanimity: Meditation Through Ceramics” by Violet Wong
Hosted by the Illuminated Discovery Hub @ WID
Spring 2022
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Currently on Exhibit:

Art by WID Faculty
WID Faculty Dr. Wendy Crone and Dr. Daniel Pimentel-Alarcón explore expressing themselves through artistic mediums. Stop by Hub Central to see their works.
Display Period: July 15 – November 30, 2022




Forthcoming Exhibits:

December 01 – January 25, 2023: Aedan Gardill’s “Revealing Science”

February 03 – May 15th, 2023: “Mycological Menagerie”

February 24-25th, 2023: Data Science Bazaar Art

Summer 2023: The Art in Data Science

TBD: Wiley & the Möbius