Exhibit Discovery – Scientific Glassware

Stop by Hub Central at the Discovery Building to view artist Tracy Drier’s Scientific Glassware exhibit this Fall Season!

Exhibit runs through December 2019.

Scientific Glassware has been used by chemists and scientists to push the boundaries of science and medicine for hundreds of years. It’s clarity and inert nature make it uniquely suited to scientific pursuits.

While simple and symmetrical glass objects can be formed by machine, more complex scientific glassware must still be crafted by hand. The UW-Madison Chemistry Department glass shop continues this tradition of handmade glassware for research.


Meet the Artist:

Tracy Drier
Tracy Drier’s fascination with glassblowing began in childhood when his father adopted it as a hobby. Tracy completed the scientific glassblowing program at Salem Community College in New Jersey and then apprenticed at Aldrich Chemical in Milwaukee. He is currently the research glassblower for the Chemistry Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In this position, he particularly enjoys working with end-users to design, build and refine glassware to meet their research needs.