Science Art Fusion

Science to Street Art 

Science-to-Street Art is an initiative that aims to develop large-scale public art installations in communities that have been historically underserved by the sciences and arts. Science-to- Street Art focuses on community-driven art that illuminates science topics the community identifies as relevant and art genres that reflect their culture. 

Through the community-informed process WID aims to extend science engagement and broaden the sense of belonging in STEM among underserved populations. Several WID murals can be seen at locations across Madison, from inside the Discovery Building to Luna’s Market, and the Meadowood Shopping Center to the Madison Sewage District.


Kohler Fellows 

The Kohler Fellows consist of graduate students in the sciences and arts who collaborate on artistic representations of science. The Fellows have exhibited their art across Madison, including at the Overture Center for the Arts (Spring 2022), designed artist contests, and created a coloring book about bacteria for young minds to engage in science.


Writer In Residence

The WID Writer-In-Residence program provides an opportunity for a writer to work and live among scientists while writing a book, script, or other literary form with a scientific theme. Michael Graf, the first writer-in-residence, is a screenwriter that created an action-thriller screenplay about climate change that has won international awards. The second writer-in-residence, Kayla Cohen, is writing a trilogy of mystery novels about a young scientist, which has already been accepted by a major literary agent. Kayla is interviewing scientists in WID to build her fictional characters and realistic scientific themes.


Illuminating Discovery Exhibits

From time to time the Hub will host a variety of exhibits that aim to draw connections between the arts and the sciences. Some of the exhibits include art pieces created by the Kohler Fellows, WID researchers, UW-Madison students, and even external community members. Exhibits that are hosted at the Discovery Building will be located on the west end in the Hub Central space. Be sure to check the WID Events Page or stop by Hub Central to see what is on display.