Connecting Scientists and Artists for STEAM Placemaking


Science to Street Art is a collaborative project that aims to visually inspire STEAM education and careers through the innovative planning, design and management of public spaces known as Placemaking.

The initiative is two-fold: 1) the creation of STEAM civic art spotlighting graffiti and hip-hop art forms, and 2) a festival of workshops connecting street art to science curriculum and story.

Public Art:

Street Art
Street Artists and UW-Madison Scientists will team to create science themed murals in underserved areas of Madison. Science to Street Art will culminate with the creation of five innovative and diverse murals that promote the diversity of science.


Workshop Festival
In collaboration with the Madison Metropolitan School District, the Science to Street Art Festival is comprised of workshops that utilize street art as a learning tool to depict science concepts learned in the classroom. Funding for the Festival is generously provided by  



Donate what you can – every dollar helps fund Science to Street Art Murals that celebrate Madison’s diverse cultures and inclusive learning techniques through art.

Spread awareness for Science to Street Art and other inclusive STEAM outreach and placemaking. Contact for additional information.


Become a corporate sponsor, or help connect us with benefactors who can help financially or with in-kind donations. Contact