The Illuminating Discovery Hub energizes and engages diverse communities in the enterprise of science through a variety of programming and partnerships that are core STEM disciplines.


Science Art Fusion 

Sharpen your pencils and ready your paint brushes, at the intersection of science and art, the Hub is connecting science with literature, performing, and visual arts to communicate cutting edge research and diversify science literacy.


Learning by Doing 

Programs that provide direct experience in the lab, start-ups, and even at the capitol can have profound impacts on an individual’s persistence in those activities. The Learning By Doing programs provide unique insights, training, and research that build confidence for students interested in building strong skillsets such as entrepreneurship, policy, and lab-based discoveries.


Antiracism, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (A-JEDI) 

The Illuminating Discovery Hub is built on principles of A-JEDI — antiracism, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion — which infuse all of our programs. We expose underlying biases faced by many members of the UW-Madison campus, the city of Madison, and beyond. The Hub’ programs are designed to help build a culture that actively fosters inclusivity and a scientific workforce that reflects the diversity of society.


Illuminating Discovery Seminars (stay tuned) 

As in-person programming slowly resumes, the Hub is planning for a variety of seminars, workshops, and other types of round table discussions that aim to empower scientists with skills for communicating research, exploring new collaborations, and inspiring new ideas.