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Online dictionary HCN Language Division website Hoocąk Academy language classes Hoocąk Academy Facebook group Hoocąk Academy Instagram Hoocąk Academy Youtube channel HoChunk Renaissance website HoChunk Renaissance Facebook group HoChunk Renaissance Instagram Vocab Builder Language App Dictionary App

2023-09-21T15:25:44-05:00January 19th, 2023|


Menomini yoU Online dictionary [requires login] Online beginner's dictionary [requires login] Dictionary pdf Menominee language classes

2023-01-19T04:22:33-06:00January 19th, 2023|


Ojibwe People's Dictionary Nishnaabemwin Online Dictionary Anishinaabemowin Online Translate Ojibwe Language Resources Ojibwe Learning Resources (all levels) Ojibwe Rosetta Stone Project Variety of Ojibwe Learning Aides and Games

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Ézhe-bmadzimgek gdebodwéwadmi-zheshmomenan; How Our Potawatomi Language Lives: Potawatomi Dictionary (Hardcopy only) Potawatomi grammar

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